Kid Fun: Does Celebration Station give Chuck E Cheese a run for their money?

Is Celebration Station now just a run down center where kids USED to love to play? 

It's always nice to revisit places with your kid where you still have childhood memories. When I was around my son's age my mother celebrated my birthday at Celebration Station. The one where my event was thrown however had closed down. Turns out there was one the next town over and a few more still sprinkled statewide. CLICK HERE to find out where the other spots are.

So I headed over there with my son and even though my pockets twinged a bit, I can honestly say we had over 4 hours of fun... well me watching him have fun. 


Well maybe my pockets twinged because I was expecting Chuck E. Cheese pricing and this place was a bit more. So I spent about 18$ on a DAY PLAY PASS + 7$ for laser tag and bungee jumping + 3$ to be a passenger on the GO karts because my son was too small + 10$ for the arcade + 3$ for a swing in the batting cage = about 40-45$. Now the DAY PLAY PASS included mini golf, all the outside rides (about 3 of them) , and the GO karts unlimited times... my son was just too short to drive one by himself. It DID NOT include the arcade to my dismay... you have to load money up and use tokens for the arcade. 


We were there for about 4 hours and didn't even notice that it was so late when we left. So yes, there is plenty of stuff for your child to do and I wouldn't mind going again. They do have more to offer and a variety of entertainment in comparison to Chuck E. Cheese. However, you do have to pay more for the extra excitement and where the arcade in Chuck E. Cheese asks for 1-3 coins... Celebration Station asks for 3-8 coins. So be prepared to not get as much BANG for your buck.