Black History Lesson Plan

Black History Lesson Plan


Perfect study guide for our Melanin Origins - Vocabulary & History flashcard set. This lesson plan contains a worksheet for each person, ethnic group, and/or empire featured in our Melanin Origins - Vocabulary & History flashcard set. Also includes a rubric for grading and blank worksheets to use for additional individuals from other Vocabulary & History sets, etc.

For teachers:

Assign students to work on researching each flashcard indivdually. Allow students to conduct research at the library or at home. Use the Educational Resources PDF sent once subscribed to to provide them with additional research link, books, videos, etc. Students can present to class and learn about different cultures in addition to featured persons in the set. I have personally used this flashcard set along with a lesson plan to teach my students during Black History month and social studies.

This product is NOT Editable and in English Only. Subscribe to and receive our FREE Educational Resources PDF that can provide additional research material for students studying flashcard set.

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