Hello loves! I'm Estephanie the founder of Beaut&Beast 


I've always had a knack for proving people and most of all myself wrong. When I had my son I knew my life would have to mean something for his sake. Yes, I am a single mom. Yes, I had my child at 16 years old but that didn't mean life was over or that my dreams were no longer possible. && so began the journey of proving to myself that I wasn't the worthless ugly girl my mind programmed me to believe. My desire to prove to myself that I am worthy of being my sons mother has led me to this. My desire to inspire and educate women to unlock their potential led me to this. Beaut&Beast.

Beaut&Beast is dedicated to the support, encouragement, and success of mothers. Motherhood is everything you imagined it wouldn't be and sometimes a mother has to do it on her own. Need a hand, advice, support? That's what Beaut&Beast is here for. Our mission is to remind you that in order to reach success you have to start believing in yourself and free your dreams.  Not every single mother is a statistic, or dies alone, or doesn't have a life, or never reaches her dreams.  Becoming a mother isn't the end of redefining yourself and it doesn't have to be as black and white as society tries to make it be. Your life doesn't dissolve because you have children, it is still there. 

A wombman teaching her sun how to reach for his stars... 

Who's the Beaut 

That's you mom, you are a beautiful, inspiring, phenomenal woman. You are the first connections of love, emotions, and life that your child has. As a Beaut we have visions of being great, we will be the best at everything, and we will keep finding our selves and being a heck of an example. We will give them an overflow of knowledge and empower them to be ambitious, responsible, and successful. 

Who's the beast

That is mommy's little boy (or girl) and they will be a beast at everything they set their mind to. They will beast at sports, school, work, and play. We are going to guide and mold our rock stars into being college grads, chief executive officers, business persons, philosophers, etc. because to a mom not even the sky is the limit. After all, happiness follows those who search for it. Our children will search & find it.