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About the Founder

My name is Estephanie and I had my son at 16 years old. Although I do not condone teen pregnancies, my son inspired me to change my entire life. I had no goals, drive, or focus to become anything other than what my environment showed me. Beaut&Beast, was inspired by my rediscovery into who I was as a mother. Once I became a mother I realized how important my role was to not only provide for my son but be a better example for him. With a new found motivation, I continued to pursue my studies and became the first in my family to graduate from a University. I went on to receive my Masters of Business Administration and worked in health management for over 7 years. However, starting my business helped me tap into my passion as a woman, not just a mother. Which is to uplift, inspire, and educate. As such I went into my second career, teaching. I am currently a 3rd grade professor and small business owner. Everything from the blogs, website, business legalities, products, marketing material, etc. for Beaut&Beast has been curated by me. Read on below for more insight on the meaning and message behind Beaut&Beast:

Our Mission Statement:

To become a leading community resource for teaching mothers and children the importance of self-fulfillment (how to tap into their talent and potential), self-love (knowledge of self and worth), and self-sufficiency (needing no outside help to satisfy basic needs).

Our Purpose:  

To break the cycle of poverty, poor spiritual (mental, emotional, and physical) health, miseducation, lack of opportunity, and conformity within low income and minority communities. We aim to change the foundations of future generations within families by educating mothers on how to facilitate such change from within.

Our Vision:

Beaut&Beast will inform mothers on the different opportunities that entrepreneurship, education (both formal and informal), and financial literacy afford. We will teach children critical thinking skills, independence, self-identity, self-love, and the importance of education.