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“Just received these vibrant @beautandbeastllc flashcards!!! They are so beautiful! I'm so excited to educate my girls (and learn myself) all about the different African and Native descent leaders and how the contributed to black history! Cheers to teaching our children the best version of themselves and being proud of who they are”

— @liviandcocosworld

"Thank you for the cultural enrichment flashcards @beautandbeastllc! The AJs and I are loving them! They're learning about World leaders from different backgrounds... awesome and amazing! I love learning and teaching them new things! There's also a word bank included!"

— @onelove_lioness

"My son comes home tomorrow but I'm home reading the flashcards to my boyfriend. We both are hype about these cards. I love that it sheds light on unpopular significant individuals!!!!"

— Tanquilla H. via FB

"@beautandbeastllc thank you. I received my flashcards today. Shipping was fast and I love the metallic gold plush packaging! Thank you! Now on to enhancing daily discussions with my children on our history. Thank you!"

— @locsmermaidiaa

“These flashcards are awesome!!! The word bank of choice words are so incredible my daughter and eye are gonna have some fun!! Thanks @beautandbeastllc eye love and the golden package it came in was sway”


"In my school we barely learned about African history outside of slavery - and that was like one chapter. That's why I love these flashcards because they are the perfect took for introducing young people to a diverse set of important figures from the diaspora that aren't covered in school."

— @theshelahmarie

"My son is 9 & I'm super excited about these!!!!"

— @theofficiallai

"Thank you!!!"

— @empressjazmine

"Hey just wanna let you know we love these cards and the word bank cards are an added touch! We have made a game of it after going over a couple letting him read them and than I'll read a fact and he has to tell me who is associated with the card."

— @healthy_hair_guru

"I can't wait to use them with my butterfly!" 

— @belladonna823

"I absolutely adooooooore these Melanated Origins history flashcards by @beautandbeastllc. Kingston loves them too! I love how they showcase black excellence of men and women of our history! Kinston is being reintroduced to greats he's always heard of and some that are foreign to him! This set is perfect for the children or adults in your life!"



"I absolutely LOVE these... I purchased them for my 5 year old twins initially thinking the content would be a bit heavy for their age but I was wrong! We spend about 2 weeks on each card and use the word bank as challenge words for the week. We also Google articles and videos to learn a little more about each leader presented on the flashcards which help my son's self-identify with the shared leadership qualities of each pioneer. What I love the most is that me and my children get to learn and expand our vocabularies TOGETHER. They're an awesome learning map for every household."

— Jasmine R. via FB

“Our flashcards arrived today! I love them @beautandbeastllc Thank You for creating outstanding, vivid, colorful, professional, quality cards of Amazing Earthly Brown Organic People the World over flashcards #melaninrich to read to my Beautiful Grand Daughter Zo Yaqarah age infinite. ”

— @queenhathor

"Thank you so much. "Excitement" is an understatement. Thank you so much. The cards will be instrumental in our families home school lessons. Truly a treasure. All need to know information"

— @a_blackgirl_named_helen

"I just purchased these for my daughter and I'm so excited for us both to learn more!!!"

— @redd_snappa84

“These cards are beautiful!”

— De-Shaun Silas J. via FB

"I love these flashcards! Thank you!"

— Erin Green via FB

"In this day and age we should be teaching our little ones about ALL their history, blessings and love"

— @jahdiah.qiyana

"I'm so excited to incorporate these cards into teaching the young ladies I taken in, thank you!"

— @bjemoc

"One of the reasons these world leader flashcards from @beautandbeastllc are my FAVORITE teaching tool during our home based instruction, is because of the beautiful artwork that really is unique and expressive to each Leader we learn about. It's never too early to introduce your child to the World they live in. It's never too early to inspire them to be as great as their own kind of great allows. We just have to give them the tools to do so." 

— @erynamelism

“We received our flashcards yesterday, even though my boys are a little young (4 & 2) I'm excited to add them to our library for future use. The art work is amazing. And they're jam packed with facts. Such a diverse collection of figures. Thank you for your work.”

— @arosenbklyn

"Thank you for making these cards. My daughters have already taken to them. Plus your packaging is gorgeous, I didn't expect to see gold in my mailbox today!"

— @aethergoddess

"I can't wait to feed my daughters with more knowledge on their history. @beautandbeastllc I'm so excited!! All parents should purchase for their child."

— @blcktina

“Thanks sooooo much for making these cards they are amazing!!!! My kids are excited to learn about more than African slaves!! Our history is rich and diverse we deserve to see it all!! Ordering from Canada was fast and easy! Thanks again!”

— @prettymizperue

"Thank you for creating these amazing resources for our youth. I have my first child on the way and I am so excited to get these to add to our collection of self teaching."

— @highconsciousness

"Thank you for this!"


"I had noooo idea these were a thing! So happy to have found them! Love the concept!"

— @ordinarylaine