How I went to the Magic vs Heat pregame for FREE

Photo credit: Orlando Sentinel 

Photo credit: Orlando Sentinel 

Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat: our first basketball game experience 

This weekend I took my son to his first basketball game, on the house. How? Well I looked up the contact info for Orlando Magic's media and shot them an email. I explained to them that my son never went to a game, I blog about places to take your child to, and I would like to review the experience. Within a few days the marketing rep contacted me via email and I was given press tickets for free. In short, sometimes it is as simple as ASK and you SHALL RECIEVE. 


Now, they were free tickets so we were in the press section (level 7). Yes, there's a difference between press and media seats. Either way, my son got to experience a basketball game for the first time. Watching the game I realized I knew nothing about basketball or any of the players on either team. However, the half time and in between shows were great and the Magics ended up wining the game. Bucket list of Gio seeing a basketball game, checked. The mother and son experience was worth it.

The players that I made a note to remember on the Magic team were #4 (Elfrid Payton) and #10 (Evan Fournier). They scored a lot of the points and kept stealing the ball from the Heats, ending the game with Magic (110 points) vs Heat (99 points). The game lasted about 2.5 hours and there were little performances played during time outs, breaks, and of course half-time. 

Would I recommend a basketball game for kids? 

If your son or daughter loves basketball, yes. If you can get the tickets for free, why not? However if your looking for a fun, exciting sport, that can change in any second.... I would say baseball and football games seem to be more interesting to Giovani and I. It may very well be that the crowds energy was a bit reserved because it was a pre game.... we will have to check out an actual play off game to see what happens... Giovani and Mom take over All-Star weekend next year? Maybe. 


Views from the press seats


You can see the game from both angles, side note basketball is not my sport of interest.