Why Sky Zone is now one of my favorite kid spots

Sky Zone: The fun way for kids to fly and work a sweat


This place was nothing short of awesome! But before I get into the review CLICK HERE to find out where the locations are and the hours of operation for each.... if there is one near you than keep reading! I finally decided to take my son here and find out what all the rave was about and it was totally worth it. Sky Zone is basically a huge trampoline area where kids can play basketball, jump in blocks of squares, run around, play dodge ball, and run around. It's a great place for a lazy Sunday if you just want them to burn their energy OR you can grab some socks and get in on the fun yourself. You have to sign up your kid each visit, agree to the liability waivers, etc. than you pay and get a badge for your child to play during their allotted times. 


So for normal entrance and prices the sock are a one time fee of about $3 and than you pay for every 30 minute increment of time they are there starting at 60 minutes. So... 60 minutes = 15.99$, 90 minutes = 20.99$, and 120 minutes = 22.99$. Not bad right? They also have special promotions going on every so often... check out the ones below that last until the end of this year:

Sunday Funday  CLICK HERE

Basically you get two 60 minutes passes and a meal for two (pizzas and a drink) for 40$... only on Sunday from 11 AM to 7 PM.


I haven't tried this yet but I have every intention of checking it out with my son. On Friday and Saturdays from 7 PM to midnight its a glow zone. Kids have to have the sock and the shirts that glow in the dark. For 2 hours they can dance around in the dark and zone out, deal is 22.99$.

Every so often Groupon has a promotion running as well, so check your deals before you make a purchase and let us know how much fun you had!