Removing yourself from negative energy & people.

Positivity Beaut. That's all you need to focus on and be surrounded by, anything else is unnecessary energy. A lot of times we have the misconception that negativity only comes from strangers or people that don't really understand us. Wrong. Sometimes that energy can come from the very people you love. As you grow and continue learning about yourself, your dreams, and your own personal happy not everyone you associate with will understand. You're on a path thats not meant for everyone and sometimes you may be a few levels ahead of them. 

That's not to mean that they will not be going to the same places as you, they may just have a different path, purpose, or time in which they will. In the mean time, don't let the misery of whatever situation they have going on creep its way into your happiness. 

Our little boys pick up on every thing and that includes our emotional baggage as well. Have you ever been hurt? Sad? Angry? Did your son ask you what was wrong? Same here. I have tried to keep my arguments out of his view, I've made sure to smile when in front of him and act like everything was ok. My son always picks up though and he lets me know it. Either by asking questions or reassuring me that he loves me; he wants to protect me. For some reason our little men want to rescue mom from whatever she's going thru the same way that we look to rescue them. 

If the same person keeps bringing that negative vibe to you and/or your home than you need to love them from a distance. I've been in situations time and time again when I tried to reflect on how the hell I ended up there. I've also stepped out from the person I was trying to become and let my emotions get the best of me. A slick comment that I shouldn't have paid attention to struck a nerve. A situation that I should have removed myself from put me knee deep in bullshit because I was trying to help someone. 

It's not worth it, the only person that is allowed to mess up your Zen is your child. Period. A great friend of mines had to remind me that it only takes a minute of a fool's time to ruin years worth of your hard work. Sometime's that fool is closer than you think and maybe they are doing it unintentionally. Step back and analyze when you have been in a place physically or emotionally that was stunting your growth or below the standards that you've set for yourself. What was the common denominator? If it was a person than step back and love them from afar. 

Understand that their problems aren't and do not need to always be your problems. If they think they know everything and are still trying to be "about that life" than let them handle that shit on their own. They weren't looking for your advice when things were good so don't feel your obligated to give advice, comfort, or yourself when things are bad for them. Remember that those vibes can linger around you or you can bring them home. Before you realize it it's your child that has to deal with the toll those negative vibes have on you. 

We want our children to seek positive influence and disassociate themselves from anyone or anything that can offset them from the reaching their greatest potential. For us to have those expectations of them, first we have to set them. It's never enough for children to hear you or see you be happy, they have to feel it too.