Our sons are more than entertainers... they are kings.

Yes, my son is in sports. He also thinks he can sing and I let him think that. He's a free spirit and I will not be the one to cage it. I think it is extremely important to keep our sons active because it embeds in them the habit of movement. 

No, I will not allow him to be at home watching T.V. all day, I will not allow that bad habit to even think it can fester. So I've put him in some of everything since he was 4 yrs old. He's done soccer, football, basketball, and now he is having a go at baseball. I'm starting to pick up on his skill set and where he flourishes the most, so he will probably be going back to soccer full time when he is ready to invest. When he matures enough to be disciplined for track I think that would be great for him too. 

I let him sing, sing, sing, and bounce around saying he's going to be a singer because... well he's a child. During the fleeting moment when I was going to become an elementary teacher in previous days I also learned that music is helpful for students to retain information. So yeah, sing baby sing. 

Having your child tune into their skill set both physically and musically is awesome, there is nothing wrong with that. However, we live in America and I have never paid attention as keenly as I do now to the way that America stereotypes, judges, assumes, and tries to dictate the future of our sons. It seems that the message being generated these days are that these are the only two revenues for success our boys have, i.e. being an athlete or an entertainer. The media feeds off of this preconceived notion that for success to be defined in our community that is what they must become. 

Now, there are thousands upon thousands I am sure of medical graduates, law school graduates, directors, video producers, chief executive officers, professors, philosophers, and businessmen that are of the minority. However, growing up it will probably be rare that my son will see any of them. Why? That is not what society is designing for them to be labeled as. I can go online and see more articles of Kanye West ranting, 50 cent being petty, Chris Brown in legal trouble, etc. than I can of the good deeds these successful men have accomplished themselves. Our sons need to see beyond that, they need to know that what defines their success isn't based off getting drafted to a team or landing a major record label. If the day never comes, it's cool he got hell of other options. 

They need to learn that now so they can have it embedded in their brains by the time they become teenagers and eventually young adults they have two, three, four ideas of how to reach success. If he wants to be a footballer that is fine, do not discourage him but do not let him have the notion that his route to success is that straight and arrow. He needs to be as focused on his studies, if not more, as he is in any extracurricular activity that he performs. Read to him at night or have him read to you. He's bored? Tell him to read a book. He doesn't want to read? Pull out the crayons, paint, paper, whatever and let's get him to express himself via artwork. There's so much more potential to unlock mentally than any physical activity.  

I think it is important for him to grasp the concept that there is no limit to the success he can reach and that entertaining people is not his only option. We all tell our kids they can be anything they want to be; the key is to continue to show them as they grow and show them how versatile they can be. Baby boy can be playing games on Saturday, the guitar at church on a Sunday, reading on the weekdays, and maybe once a month doing something creative. If we only tell them and than allow them to sit in front of the T.V. 7 times a week than eventually they are going to pay more attention to what they see on T.V. That show, or commercial, or lifestyle being displayed is what he will try to mimic. Let's change that Beaut, guide your son to unlocking all of his limitless potential and educate him on all the avenues of success that are possible.