Miami art district

Wynwood where art, bars, and culture meets

Miami is expensive as hell. Want a donut? $5.00. Want a drink? $20.00... Ok, I might be exaggerating... just a little bit. It doesn't matter if I were or weren't though because Miami is dope.

Which is why people are always going because they want to be part of that energy. Apart from all the glitz and glam that you see on the TV screen there is a unique hippie scene that's just as major. 

Tired of South Beach? Well Beaut, wallah welcome to the Wynwood Art District... it's where art meets chill vibes and liquor. There's art in the galleries, in the bars, on the walls, on buildings, everywhere. It's a hub for the younger generation and you can get lost in good music and positive vibes. If your going to Miami to simply feel the culture and take in that inner city energy like I do than this should be on your hit list of places to go. 

There's no competition, nobody cares if your in designer, you don't have to sell your soul or regret getting a drink at the bar.... Wynwood is definitely home of the creative souls, young crowd, and off the wall entrepreneurs. 

-Side note: the majority of the bars are free to get into and the most I've paid for a drink was $7... so yeah when South Beach drains your accounts find your way to Wynwood.