Water biking


Water biking is both peaceful and a great way to work out while having fun. I have a mutual respect for the water... I am scared of the depth and the unknown that lies beneath yet I love the soothing peace it has over me. I decided to test my fears by water biking in the middle of the river. I was the only person in control of me falling in the water, of moving around, and isolated from the buzz of other people. I definitely recommend this activity if you want to clear your mind and just forget about the rest of the world for a little while. 

If your looking to get into shape you definitely will be moving those leg muscles because its twice the effort of a bike to get across the choppy waves. It's also gratifying to see how much you river you can conquer back and forth within an hour... challenging yourself to go further each time you hope on the bike.

For those of you in the Tampa Bay area you can water bike via the Tampa Bay Water Bike Co. for $30 per hour and person. If your a student you get $5 off biking with a valid id. You can also purchase a GroupOn with a partner and get 49% off... the catch is you have to water bike Monday - Thursday.