Household, beauty, personal care, health, home & office, products for $3

"Brandless" website promotes all their products as $3 buy taking out the middleman and selling products at wholesale prices

Hey loves! So I haven't tried this website YET but I keep seeing it on my feed so I decided to give ya'll the scoop so you can decide on making these purchases yourself. Brandless is a website that sells all their products for $3 without taking away from the quality of the products. 

According to their website all their food products are non GMO and most of them are organic, their feminine products are hypoallergenic, home & office products are made from sugarcane and bamboo, etc. Basically your paying less but they didn't take any shortcuts on using resources that were environment friendly and healthy. I think the biggest bang for your buck will be the organic products for $3 such as pasta, beans, salsa, jam, granola. Their selections on products aren't that wide but for $3 it's worth a shot if your trying to be cheap and healthy. 

brandless cheap healthy wholesale