Don't have the time to eat healthy? You can now have pre-prepped smoothies delivered right to your door

Daily Harvest and the super food frozen treats they deliver right to your door 

daily harvest smoothies healthy
daily harvest smoothies healthy snack

If your like me you've tried to live a fit life and have failed miserably.... especially with breakfast. I'm not a breakfast person and yes I know it is the most important meal of the day. It just doesn't work for me. I tried the "make smoothies for breakfast every morning" thing but it was too time consuming. My priority is my son eating and he's more of a pancake, cereal, and fruit in the morning kind of guy. By the time I have him ready to go I end up leaving to get to work on time (which is a struggle in itself) and starve until lunch. 

super foods healthy foods daily harvest

Daily Harvest now offers a solution for that. They not only offer supercharged foods but will also deliver them right to your door. Disclaimer: in my pricing spectrum they can be a little costly but as you know everything healthy comes with a price tag. In terms of getting your money's worth it is well worth it. Daily Harvest was created by an on-the-go mom and she made sure she created smoothies rich with good stuff. The algorithm in pricing for these sweet treats is simple. The more you buy, the cheaper you buy them. 

What do they offer?

Smoothies, chia parfaits, soups, sundaes, and overnight oats (you add milk to them overnight and eat them in the morning). Not just ordinary strawberry and banana ones either... what I love is the fun they have with creating not so normal smoothie blends. They are also super transparent about the ingredients found in each of their foods... your going to get exactly what you asked for. 

If you want to check them out and venture on a purchase use discount count TRYTHREEFREE and get three FREE smoothies off your first purchase and let me know your favorite flavors! 

daily harvest smoothie healthy super food
daily harvest smoothie healthy superfood
Did you know most apples you buy in the grocery store are picked over a year before you consume them? Our ingredients are always picked at peak maturity, then flash frozen to maintain farm-fresh nutrient density and flavor, without using preservatives or added sugar.
— Daily Harvest