Making your own invitations with an Etsy template DIY hack

When in doubt and low on funds... do it yourself (DIY) cards for any event

DIY invitations etsy templates

Hello mother! We all know that when it's around that time for your child to have a party expenses can come out the wood work. Check out my quick tips on making your own cards and this can also be another quick way to make a few bucks when you start making them for friends.


  1. Mini glue gun
  2. Mini glue sticks 
  3. Jems/decorations
  4. Card stock 
  5. Paper cutter 
  6. Ribbon
  7. An Etsy template

What to do 

So... I've always wanted the creative cards that made people say "woah those are nice". However, the way my pockets were set up custom wasn't always in my bank accounts best interest. That was until I found out you can pay for one custom (i.e. template) and make plenty of cards.

  • Go on Etsy and in the search bar enter which type of card your looking for 
  • Select your template, prices range from $1.00 and up; make sure you include all the info you want included on the card in the NOTE section when placing your order.
  • Get a $17.99 paper cutter from Michaels and use their coupons (CLICK HERE) for a 40% discount off one regular item.
  • Get a $2.99 mini glue gun and mini glue stick pack for $5.99 from Michaels as well. Purchase as a separate order and use another coupon for the glue sticks (CLICK HERE); you can pull them up on your phone when you get there. 
  • From there all you need as a hole puncher from Dollar Tree or Family Dollar, scissors, and ribbon (I get the $1 per roll ribbons from Wal-Mart in the craft sections)
  • Once you have the template just print it out on card stock of your preference or print them out using a FedEx Kinkos. You can usually print out two invitations per 8x10 card stock paper to save money as well. 
  • That's it... cut, hole punch, put ribbon  through, etc. to your liking. 

The initial investment will cost you a few bucks but from there I spend maybe $2.00 dollars when I want to change up the ribbon. I've been using the same system for any and every event. I make sure I have completely different themes for templates and get tons of compliments each time. 

A sample of another set of cards I have made in the past:

DIY etsy templates at home invitations