Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales: a review on why classics are a necessary part of child education

The go-to fairy tales for bedtime stories by the brothers Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

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Fairy tales were created to give life lessons that children can understand. As the years went by and society tried to baby and shelter children more and more the stories became more amicable and less lesson like. What does that mean? The fairytales of today aren't the same as back in the day and Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales proves it. This is a necessary purchase and an important read.  

Now there are several copies floating around there that are edited and not the original thing. So... be mindful of which copy you are purchasing. The copies that are in the original edit also come with different covers CLICK HERE, to purchase the same one I got. 

I won't go on a tangent to try and bribe you to purchase it so here's a quick summary of a few of the lessons you can learn behind the fairytales. Word of advice... read the story yourself before you do with your child, some of these stories you need to read in between the line. 

Life lessons 

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The Frog-King, or Iron Henry - This story is the typical Princess and the Frog that you've heard about but it has a different spin. The moral of the story isn't to get the Princess to kiss the frog... its for the princess to keep her word and be good to those that are good to you. It is an example that when you have honor and are reliable things will work out in your favor. The final lesson, always think about what you are agreeing to do before making a commitment. 

Clever Elsie - This story is about a girl who thought she could excuse her way out of responsibility. The moral of the story is to NOT keep making excuses to avoid doing the work because eventually it will backfire. Another lesson is that when you try to hide who you are and get over on people (in her case she was lazy), eventually people will see your true self. 

Cat and Mouse in Partnership - This story is one of the saddest stories but my favorite because it does not sugarcoat a thing. The lesson in this story is to not jump right into partnerships because you cannot trust everybody you know. People will hurt you no matter how good you are to them. However, you cannot let this anger you, learn from your lesson and move away from the person. Deep right? That's not it.... the last lesson is to never depend on the next person to take care of you. 

Yeah... all that in a children's book and those were the lessons in only THREE stories. This book has a total of 200 fairytales and 10 children's legends. **** not every story is appropriate for every age so AGAIN read it to yourself before you read it to your child.