How Mo's Bows exclusive bow ties went from a kid's dream to a six-figure business

From bow ties made via grandma's vintage fabric to Mo's Bows luxury line - Moziah's Q&A


Moziah Bridges is a young, fashionable, entrepreneur that started creating a name for himself and his business at 9 years old. He was a kid with a passion for bow ties and enough faith in himself that he decided to just go for “it”. What was it? He started small with an Etsy shop and the support of his family. As a result, his feature on the hit series Shark Tank has opened opportunities with top brands and influences. Moziah is living proof that creativity has no age limit and with the right people in your corner, the impossible is within reach. With the support of his parents and his own self-confidence, he has turned his passion to profit. Check out his interview with Beaut&Beast below to not only inspire the little ones but also nudge us into fully supporting our children’s dreams:

  1. What was your experience like when you first began selling bow ties? My first time selling ties was very scary because I did not know how the customer would react. It was a surprise to get a positive reaction and find out that they loved the ties.
  2. What are some tips you would give to children trying to sell a product for the first time? I would just tell them to be confident and to always present and prepare yourself with your “game face” on.
  3. How did your parents help you in pursuing your dreams? They help me in pursuing my dreams by encouraging and motivating me.
  4. Why do you think it was important for you to keep making bow ties or begin pursuing your dreams? I think it is important to begin pursuing my dreams because there is always something else out there. I want to become a fashion designer and in order to get there, I have to invest in myself and skills that will help me get there.
  5. Any tips to other children on pursuing entrepreneurship and growing a business? I would just tell them to figure out what they like doing and find out how they can help other people doing it. In addition, they can reach their dreams by believing in themselves, looking for opportunities, working hard, and support from family and friends.
  6. Who is your role model and why? My role model is my mom because she inspires me to do greater and better things and most importantly, she feeds me good food!

We are sending positive energy and faith towards Moziah’s way so that he may continue pursuing his dreams and become the next fashion icon. Remember to share his story with your child and see what dreams you unlock within them!

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