Teaching your child a second language (Spanish, Mandarin, & Arabic)

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When I was a child my 1st language was Spanish, I took ESOL classes when first entering Kindergarten. Now here I am an adult and I have trouble remembering how to properly form a sentence. It's my fault... the ever famous "if you don't use it, you lose it". 

I didn't realize the importance of keeping my second language until I started working. Bilingual workers can get paid more, have greater opportunity, and make themselves more competitive in the job market. Now that I understand the importance of a 2nd language I am trying to teach it to my son. Last year I made flashcards with words in Spanish (front) and English (back). I was curious to see if there was anything else out there since I couldn't find a dual-speaking school to put him in. 

Turns out there is a program, ReDefiners, that can help teach your child Spanish. So I enrolled my son in it and he just loves it. Right now I can only put him in the Saturday morning classes because of my work schedule. Giovani has learned a few new words that I haven't taught him such as "amigos, numeros, buenos dias, etc." and he's only been to about 3 classes so far. I will keep you guys posted on his progress during the "trail" of the program. They offer Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic classes after school, during Saturday morning, and immersion camps during summer and winter breaks.

Interested in enrolling your child? If you are in the Hillsborough County area you can contact the founder, Chantelle Daniels, she is very informative and started this non-profit to give this opportunity to help children broaden their horizon. Her contact information is: cdaniels@redefinerswl.org or (813) 530-2313 (office) (813) 812-3149 (mobile).

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