FREE Youth Gun Safety Course: Safety & Basic Shooting Techniques

Florida Firearms Academy offer FREE Youth Gun Safety Course in Tampa and New Port Richey

florida firearms academy

I believe it is extremely important for our children to be aware of their surroundings and if need be defend themselves. I am coming to the realization that handicapping my child into depending on me can leave him defenseless when he isn't around me. Now... is this condoning children to carry firearms? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. However, if my son see's a gun he should know how to handle it, where is the safety, and if he is being attacked.... how to SHOOT his attacker.

I'm obviously not the only parent with this belief, thus Florida Firearms Academy   offers a FREE youth safety course in Tampa and New Port Richey. Now if your not in this area a quick Google search "youth firearm training" will tell you where you can take your child to receive the same training. I do caution that not every facility offers it for free, in Tampa the pricing ranges from FREE to $90 so read the fine print before signing your kids up. NOTE: Florida Firearms does not allow walk-ins and you must register at least 24 hours in advance. Their classes are usually on Sundays from 9 AM to 11 AM and spots are limited to 10 per class. Age ranges are 5-11 years old. I have my son scheduled for 03/19, I will provide an update of our experience and keep you guys updated on other firearm training they may offer.  

Beaut advice: Queens you know the maturity level of your child.... if you don't think they are ready for this step yet, do not step them into it. It's important to explain to them the necessity of it and the responsibilities that comes along with such knowledge.