Monster Jam LIVE & Pit Party review

Monster Jam LIVE & Pit Party Review


Every year Monster Jam makes its way to the Raymond James stadium in Tampa, FL and we decided to check it out! Prior to the actual LIVE performance you can check out all the Monster trucks and take pictures with their drivers during the Pit Party. Check out the review below and save the date for the next Monster Jam performance in your area! CLICK HERE for a schedule of Monster Jam tour dates. 

The Pit Party


I loved the Pit Party, there was tons of activities for the kids to do such as a big slide, racing in mini cars, watching bikers perform, playing in a sand box, and building their own Monster truck. It was freezing outside but we still got to meet Charlie of the Gravedigger and check out other cars up close and in person. My son enjoyed creating his own Gravedigger for $15 afterwards with a hammer, wood, and nails. I loved the old school feel of working together to create the car. There was also a ride in which you could ride around on the Grave Digger, which looked like a blast but we ran out of time. Overall, I would recommend the Pit Party as part of the Monster Jam experience so that the kids can put faces to the drivers in the trucks.  

The Monster Jam performance

Did I mention it was cold?! Nonetheless, it was a great performance! My son was excited as soon as the trucks started gearing up. The show was split into three different performances. The first round was three rounds of racing in which each round the winner would face off with another winner. The top performers during this round were El Torro Loco, Gravedigger, and the Bounty Hunter. The final race was between EL Torro Loco and the crowd favorite Gravedigger. El Torro Loco came in with the victory much to everyone's surprise! The next round was the 2 wheel skills challenge in which every performer had about two tries to show off their favorite moves. This round was judged by the crowd and Gravedigger came in for the steal [I don't think he was the best (A Pirate's Curse) was]. The final round was a 120 second freestyle and unfortunately not all the cars were able to make it thru their entire performance. The Bounty Hunter, MAX D, Wild Flower, Scooby Doo, and more all broke down mid performance! El Torro Loco won this performance as well making him the Event Champion for the night. Overall, it was a great show and I would highly recommend!