Networking: WomanUp! Review

May 7th from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Whiskey North in Tampa, FL 

Favorite Speakers

Reshell Smith is a certified financial planner and owner of AMES Financial Education & Consulting  During the event she discussed the stock market and cost of shares for companies such as Apple, Micheal Kors, etc. She emphasized the importance of financial literacy and investing in your future. A lot of times we are so caught up with keeping up that we don't secure how to continue building off our finances.

Ms. Bling Miami also known as Pascale is a successful business owner of , an author, and a fashion designer. She talked about her journey from leaving her husband, turning her passion into a success, and never giving up on your dreams. 

Novacane is the creator of SmokenWords and inspired woman to pursue their dreams. When she first started her open mic none of the people liked her. She did a showcase, at the Jazz house and the owner hated her because she cursed too much. She had the option to change who she was as a person or acknowledge every part of herself. Since none of the open mic shows wanted to accept her she created her own open mic. SmokenWords is every Thursday starting at 10 PM to 1 AM at the Tropic Lounge located on 7532 N Armenia, Tampa, FL. You can purchase tickets at the door or online via EventBrite.

Are you clothed in designer or moral fiber...
— Novacane
Are your ethics of significant value while your looking for a man of value?
— Novacane

Monique Turley is a licensed real estate agent and owner of ShutterBooth and Luxe Studio. Monique offers the rental of studio space that can be used for pop up shops, workspace, meetings via Luxe Studio. She also offer custom photo booths for events, birthdays, weddings, etc. and there is a host that assists with your booth and pictures. 

The Take Away and/or Advice

  • Get busy getting busy, i.e. network and get your name out there by branding yourself.
  • Give away something to get something back, i.e. promotions or discounts, giveaways that interest people in what your offering. 
  • Out of sight out of mind, i.e. find out organizations are to your interest and join as an active member. 
  • You don't work any less as an entrepreneur, i.e. be prepared to put in work and lose comfort to meet your end goal.
  • If you don't know where your at you will not know where you will be going, i.e. start tracking your numbers and metrics.  
  • Set up systems and processes, Dropbox and Google drive needs to have documents for business and logos. Black and white logos, low and high resolution.  
  • Shop your competition, i.e. know the fair market value in the industry, know competition cost. Reinvest in the company, keep ahead of the game. In order to make money you have to be first, better, or cheat. 


The event was geared towards up and coming entrepreneurs and the guest speakers tailored advice on how to get to the level of success that they reached. There was a live band during intermission and vendors who offered a variety of services such as event design, food, body wraps, weave, clothes, makeup, etc. It was a great opportunity for those starting out in business to network and meet women who could mentor or advise them on avenues of success.