Are mental breakdowns allowed ?

As young women in our society the strain to act like everything is ok can be overbearing. Especially for young mothers who are so hell bent on proving to society that they are NOT just another poor, young, and dumb mother. 

Rather than to admit that motherhood, being an adult, overseeing a household, and worrying about yesterday, today, and tomorrow's problems is difficult... we tend to just sweep it under the rug... well appear to because in our minds there's nothing that has been swept. 

Are we not allowed to breakdown or is the fear of being judged factor in to our refusal to take care of our mental state of mind? 

If I analyze the women in my family, my friends, and even myself I can point out a mental or emotional challenge that we face. The family member that admits they can't sleep at night because of all their fears, the friend that has anxiety attacks when something starts to go wrong, the mother who has bursts of anger and mood swings that seem uncontrollable... 

Yes, we can all voice our problems and comment on how our problems give us problems. Yet it seems that no one ever wants to get checked. No one wants to admit to the "outside" world that there's a problem. We have been brainwashed into the misconception that "strong women" aren't allowed to break down. 

If you never break down how can you heal? How can you grow? Don't let society's diluted misconceptions of what defines a mental illness stop you from breaking free of the mental chains dragging you down. It doesn't necessarily have to be a therapist who helps you through your problems but maybe someone who has endured, overcome, and is now in tune with the mental weaknesses that are similar to your own.  

Tune into your energy and what balances it off.

Find yourself and if you need to break a couple times to do it...

That's OK.

Anyone who tell you otherwise is not your friend and that negative energy doesn't need to surround you so let it go.