Creating your own support system.

Hey mom, just a heads up! You need to view the world as if your already in charge. Yes, you probably have a boss for right now, you have to pay rent and follow tenant rules for right now, but what I am referring to is beyond that and beyond right now

You need to change your perception of what the world is to you and what you are to the world. You need to see the woman you will become and not focus on the woman you are right now. As a woman we are so caught up on the flaws of ourselves and the beauty in others. We focus on the problems of right now and not the successes of the future.

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Trust me, I used to be the same way and hell I often slip up and find myself thinking the same way. If you don't have a support system to pull you out of that negative perception than create your own support system. Who says that support system has to be people? No, Beaut we are creative geniuses and we can create a support out of anything. What do I use? Books. Crazy? No. Driven? Hell yes.

"The Power of the Pussy" by Kara King is my "f%&K men, get money" support system. The author is open and honest about men in general. Did he dump you? Is he treating you like a sideline? Is he a loser and/or a user? Are you tired about crying over your love life? Than you need to add this book to your support system. You can purchase the book on Amazon and believe me it is worth every cent. Side note: If your a college student you can get Amazon Prime for half the cost. I guarantee you the moment you start letting a man have control over your life your going to reread this book. 

"Be You and Live Civil" by Karen Civil is exactly as it states. This is my "your who you were created to be and will create your way" support system. Karen reflects on her successes in life and how she had to understand who she was as a person in order to grow. You're not meant to be like everybody, you're not meant to be for everybody. That's okay. This book can also be purchased on Amazon and is a short but to the point read. 

"Girl Boss" by Sophia Amoruso is all about empowering your damn self. This is my "I'm my own best friend, life is hard but it's okay, where there is a will there is a way" support system. Sophia is a classic "started from the bottom now we're here" type of gal. She created a monster in the fashion industry from nothing but love, desire, and will. She is a reminder to me that it's not where I'm from but where I am going. Per usual you can get the book from Amazon.

Now, you don't have to get every book I get but I think you catch the drift. Sometimes in order to change your perspective you have to start educating yourself on different perspectives. You need to build a support system that is going to help remind you of what the end goal is for you. The woman you WILL become, the boss you WILL become, the success you WILL prosper from. 

Remember to live like a boss, think like a boss; your actions and mindset will take care of the rest.