Ipsy glam - Monthly Makeup Subscription

IPSY is a monthly makeup subscription that I've absolutely grown to love. For $10 per month you get sample and/or full size makeup products to try out. Each month it's different products and you receive them in a cute little "glam bag". 

I started the subscription in February and so far I have been overly satisfied with the products I have received. Now remember... it is only $10 per month and some of the samples they send are from the higher end make up brands such as Smash box, Mr. Right Now, Urban Decay, etc. 

So yes... some of the products are simply a SAMPLE. However, my samples have lasted me thus far and I've received everything from face wash, nail polish, eyeliner, and lipstick. It's a perfect way to shop for make up when you can't afford to buy the product or don't know anything about brands and quality. As a mom we sometimes find ourselves on a strict budget and can't afford to spend the $30 to buy a $6 eyeliner, $8 mascara, $9 eyebrow kit and $7 lipstick just to give us a natural make up look.

IPSY tries to customize the makeup you prefer when you complete a beauty quiz upon subscription and you have the option to cancel anytime if you are not satisfied. I definitely think it's worth a try, below are pictures of the products and glam bags I've received so far.