Sexual arousal: healthy & affordable

Yoni Eggs

yoni eggs crystals healing pussy power

I've never been keen to dish over my money on products that make your yoni (vagina) tighter, better, wetter. Why? Because I have always been confident in mines and figured that was only for people who got it in with multiple men. 

I was wrong. 

I never heard of Yoni eggs until Instagram and pure curiosity inclined me to purchase one after seeing all the positive reviews on Instagram. Kiante is the owner of EKstaC and where I recommend you get your Yoni Egg's from. She often has specials for those who purchase multiple eggs but they usually run around $35 per egg. There are also other vendors out there that offer them at cheaper prices such as on Etsy  or Gemstone.

What is a yoni egg? A yoni egg is a gem stone that is no bigger than the size of your thumb which you insert in your vagina. There is no discomfort or additional tasks that you need to complete besides simply lifting your leg up and inserting the gemstone in your "gem". 

yoni eggs pussy power sexual health crystals

Why use one?

  • it helps your reproductive organ remain healthy
  • reduces cramping and abdominal pain during your cycle
  • increases hormones and regulates hormonal balance
  • tighten and tones the vaginal wall
  • makes you more in tune with the your sexual arousal

Does it work? Hell yes it does. I used mines for about two weeks and I started noticing a difference when I was having sex. At times I forget I even have one inside me because it is so light weight. I have felt my muscles toning as well because I am now able to use my muscles to push the yoni egg out without having to pull on the string that comes attached to it. So if your looking for healthy ways to keep your yoni tight and exercise it seamlessly this is definitely a great alternative.

yoni eggs sexual healing pussy power crystals