Western Governors University: affordable tuition meets flexible degree

A competency based online university

What is WGU? 

Western Governors University (WGU) is an online university created by governors that were trying to cut cost in education and provide an alternative to the traditional classroom setting for working professionals. WGU has six actual campuses in different states and provides online education to over 70,000 students all over the United States. They are accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. 

What programs are offered at WGU?

WGU has four colleges which fall under the scopes of teaching, information technology, business, and health. Each college has separate Bachelors and Masters programs that are offered online and on campus. The online programs are competency based, which means that if you know your stuff you move on at your own pace. The scoring system is set up as PASS or FAIL with pass indicating a grade of "B" or above. To find out more information about the degree plans offered check out the schools Degrees & Programs section.

How much does WGU tuition cost?

WGU tuition ranges from $2890 to $4300 depending on the program selected and whether courses are undergraduate or graduate. Contrast to traditional schools however, the semesters for WGU are in 6 month terms. In addition, since the program is self paced if you complete more than the anticipated courses per semester you will not be surcharged. What does this mean? A traditional graduate program takes about two years to complete. However, if you complete it in 6 months (one semester) you do not get charged 2 years worth of tuition. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog (posting in two days) under Thoughts of a Beaut in which I give my personal experience on my attempts to conquer a graduate program in 6 months. 

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