A few paint brushes & inner peace

Molding the Beast 103 l the importance of creativity 

Art is not only fun but a great outlet to help your child express their thoughts, imagination, and emotions. My son has always struggled with controlling his anger and I have found that art not only helps him relax it allows him to truly express himself.

9 times out of 10 his anger is rooted from frustrations because he doesn't know how to express himself. The best way to try and narrow down the reason for your child's emotional turmoil is to give them something soothing to complete. Once they have calmed down and they are occupied you will notice how easy it is to ask them questions.

How can I help you? Why were you angry? How does this make you feel? What's going on in school? Is somebody bothering you? How will you deal with not getting your way next time? etc. etc. 

When my son is calm and able to express himself I can help him work on himself; I remind him of how creative, unique, and talented he is as he completes his artwork. I explain to him different ways to channel his anger or emotions and use it for creative purposes. Creativity is another outlet for your child's emotions... it allows them to explore themselves and their feelings. Most importantly, it allows you to see how they're feeling and what they're thinking. This helps you analyze what you need to focus on with your child and their emotions. 

You can also take this time to create a great bonding opportunity and draw with them. At my house I have a wall that ties in with the color scheme of my living room but the paintings are all made by my son and I. 

He loves looking at it and he shows everyone that comes in all the amazing work that we did. I don't care if it was a triangle and square house with two figure sticks... show your child that you not only want them to express themselves but that you are proud.