Affirmation cards for women

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This isn’t your average affirmations set. It’s a happy medium between affirmations and actionable steps to take. We’ve carefully selected affirmations that encourage you to start building your foundation for a better you. Often times the hardest part of getting started is knowing where to start. So we provide you with the information to take the first steps in reframing your life. 

In this set there are 20 distinct images that are featured in our "Women of Affirmations" digital print collection. On the back are the affirmations and a QR code. The QR code gives you access to a blog that has resources, videos, etc. specific to that affirmation. Instructions on How-To use the QR code and the blog filled with free resources and information are included with your order.


4.5" x 3" product size

Beaut & Beast Co x Magi Co Designs collaboration. All work has been copyrighted. Please do not copy, recreate, or alter original artwork. 

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