Products, blogs, and advice that teach self-love, education, & culture.

"If you struggle to find products that teach your children self love and identity... you've come to the right spot

If you feel overwhelmed with trying to break generational curses by yourself, trust me you're not alone. 

If you want to evolve into a better version of you and want to show your children how to be better versions of themselves... I welcome you to the community.

I created Beaut&Beast Co. because I was a teen mom and although I knew I wanted to break the cycle of poverty, low self-esteem, and worthlessness... I didn't know where to start. I wanted to teach my son to love himself, believe in himself, and never follow the trend... but I didn't know where to go to teach him his power. I couldn't find what I was looking for so I created it. A place where mothers can go for inspiration and advice. Products that could teach children to love themselves and identify with leaders that looked like them. As a teacher I can promise you from experience that the knowledge you get from my products, they won't teach you in school." 

- Estephanie Ortiz, founder