Beaut and Beast Celebrates Black History Month With 10% Off Black History T-Shirts

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In honor and celebration of Black History Month, Beaut and Beast is offering a 10% discount on our black history t-shirts.  We have both adult and child sized black history t-shirts to fit everyone in the family!

Each high quality black history t-shirt features beautifully detailed original artwork.  Our shirts are not only attractive, but they are also conversation pieces as each one has their own unique story. 

Beaut and Beast’s t-shirts complement our black history flashcards (Vocabulary & History Melanin).  In fact, we encourage parents, home school groups and educators to consider purchasing black history t-shirts alongside our black history flash cards. 

Black History Month, also known in the United States as African-American History Month, is observed each February.  The first celebration was held at Kent State University in 1970.  Six years later, President Gerald Ford recognized Black History Month calling on Americans to "seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.”  Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have since followed suit and also celebrate Black History Month.

Want to dig deeper into history?  Beaut and Beast’s black history flashcards feature ethnic groups, empires and people of native or African diaspora origins.  Each flashcard features beautiful hand-drawn art and every set includes a 100+ word bank of vocabulary terms.

In addition to black history flashcards, we encourage you to consider purchasing one or more of our black history t-shirts this month.  Be sure to use the special promo code BLCKHISTORY when ordering your t-shirts and you will get 10% off!

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