How you can select a payment plan for your airfare

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Airfordable: New company offers payments for flights to travel anywhere

Hi mothers! So... questions that need answers!

Have you been dreaming of a trip but you feel like you cannot afford to take it? Do you want to book flights earlier for a low cost but do not have the money right than? Well, you are not the only one.... drumrollllllll please..... you talked and someone listened! Check out Airfordable! They are a new company which arrange payment plans with you to pay your flight off on a bi-weekly basis.

How does it work? You find your ticket like you would any other time via Orbitz, Priceline, Skyscanner, etc. and screen shot the cost of your future airfare. Submit the screen shot to Airfordable via your account and for a service fee (ranging from 10-20% of the ticket cost) they secure your place and ensure that your airfare price doesn't go up. You will get confirmation emails from Airfare as well as the airline and can book up to 5 trips at once. Sign up is easy and now you can turn those day dreams into reality! CLICK HERE to sign up and start pre planning those trips!

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