Scholarships for your child's private school tuition

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StepUp for Students scholarship program for income based families

Alot of parents do not agree with the public schools curriculum but send their child there anyways because they cannot afford to pay for private school. Well my Queens, there are programs available that allow you to enroll your child in private school at a lower or no cost at all depending on your income. StepUp for Students  is such a program that is available in Florida, they begin accepting new applications in March. 

My son has been a recipient of the scholarship for the last 3 years, once you get approved for the scholarship the first time you can apply earlier and your income can slightly increase. To apply is simply, you'll need proof of income (W-2, pay stub) proof of guardianship (birth certificate, power of attorney, court custody paperwork), proof of residency for yourself and child (health insurance policy, utility bill), complete an online application, and upload a few additional papers that need signatures. The process is streamless and if you apply early and meet requirements approval is quick.

Once your approved you will receive an award letter, award amount depends on your income, you take that to the school. The school submits and every quarter you go to the school and sign a check. Depending on the school the award amount may cover all tuition or they can make a payment plan with you. It works, I've tried it, and I encourage you to try it if your interested.

To find out income guidelines click HERE

To see a list of participating schools click HERE 

If you don't live in Florida you can check out Molly Pennington, PhD blog series on school choice & vouchers (state-by-state) by clicking HERE

BEAUT ADVICE: In the famous words of Malcolm X, "only a fool would let his enemy teach his children." So whether it's private or public it is still important for us to educate our children on their culture, identities, and beliefs at home.