IMAGINATION - the ability to form new images and sensations in the mind that are not perceived through senses such as sight, hearing, or other senses.

The best way to help your child beast at imagining is to show them how dreams can turn into reality. Legoland is a great place for kids that like to create and imagine what their play world would look like. It is beyond amazing how they were able to make all this crazy stuff out of those annoying little legos. It's a dope little place and about a 45 minute drive from Tampa, definitely worth the trip. They have a new hotel there as well for you Beaut's that are out of town. 

When I took my son to Legoland I used a site called Best of Orlando to get 25% regular admission & of course the more days you go the percentage in discount increases. Just a FYI if your going to visit during the summer you will want to include admission to the water park as well. The water park is like a whole other amusement in itself and believe me Beaut it's like a breath of fresh air in the heat. 

I would advise if you can to take the trip for at least two days to get the most bang for your buck. Also, your little beast is going to love the water park in which you could spend one of the days. The food isn't all that and a little overpriced per usual but there are several options for dining. #EatBeforeYouGo #BePreparedToBingeOffSnacks #Popcorn #RefillableSoda&SlushieCups 

Imagination is everything. It is the preview for life’s coming attractions.
— Albert Einstein