How I got the attention of millionaire Supa Cent at a sold out event

This wasn’t good luck, it was an opportunity I created and in turn a blessing unfolded…

Custom backpack, mini notebook, and t-shirt I created for Supa Cent prior to going to see her.

Custom backpack, mini notebook, and t-shirt I created for Supa Cent prior to going to see her.

Getting the attention of someone you admire is a big deal. Getting the attention of someone you admire and having them share something you created on their platform is an even bigger deal. An even bigger bigger deal than that is having them commit to 5,000 quantity of whatever it is your selling. This wasn’t luck as many would call it. This was an opportunity that I created which turned into a blessing. How?

This year I told myself that I wanted to meet Supa Cent. My plan initially was to go to New Orleans whenever she had an event or if I could save enough go to the Crayon Case Festival. However, when I saw the pricing to be a vendor at the Crayon Case festival my heart dropped. I didn’t have 1k plus travel money to make that happen. However, I still wanted kept putting money aside to create a custom design for her. So I did.

I saw an opportunity to meet her when she posted she would be in Jacksonville, FL on June 22nd. I got the ticket the same day she posted it on her IG. As many of you saw she was extremely sick leading up to the event. She suffered memory loss and was in the hospital for a few weeks leading up to the event. A lot of people on social media speculated that she would not be attending the event. I already started my project so I didn’t see the point in quitting halfway. I figured I would mail it to her if I didn’t get the chance to see her.

When we got to the event it was packed by the time Supa got there. I hoped she would walk pass my vendor set up but she walked on the opposite side. They asked everyone to give them their gifts for Supa but when I went to go pass mines up the group of ladies shouted, “No!” “Give that to her personally”. I’m glad I listened!

Supa started answering questions at the event and I had to work up the courage to even raise my hand. After she answered a few questions I waved for her attention and just blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “How do you keep your life private and still make your followers feel included?” (Or something like that, I honestly cannot remember and I could barely remember what she said my anxiety was so high). When she was about to move on to the next question I just kind of put the backpack I made for her in the air and it caught her attention!

The rest is in the video (right below) if you didn’t get a chance to see it. As Supa was looking at the backpack and other things I made for her (t-shirt, mini notebooks, etc.). She had me talk about my business to the audience. They were so receptive and encouraging it was an eye opener to me. My story wasn’t unique, a teen mother who was trying to beat the odds. But it was a story that wasn’t always highlighted. The crowd was receptive because a lot of them could relate to my story and my success was their own future success. Supa’s team gave me their contact information and I left there feeling accomplished with my head high. Not only did I overcome my anxiety but the risks I took to get there and the investment I made was worth it.

Wait there’s more

Not only did she commit to a huge investment in my business Supa than went and posted me on social media! I went from 7.7K followers to 39.1K (and counting)! I received literally thousands of comments from supporters all over the United States. I received 100+ DM’s asking for custom orders. I sold over 100+ products within the next few days and 500+ email subscribers, etc. etc. Off of one post! A post I didn’t even pay for! I’ve paid for promotion and never received such a response before. It’s a reminder that your opportunity will present itself when you least expect it.

What I’ve learned

Here’s my affirmations that I have recognized from this experience:

  1. Your word has a power and bond: Speak it into existence

  2. Take risk: If you are shy in your decisions your business will shy in sales

  3. It’s ok to be broke for an investment: It cost me about $700 in total between designing, products, event ticket, rental, etc. to get to meet Supa and present her with her custom products. I sacrificed getting my nails done and buying new wigs for the months coming up to the event. I knew I wanted to meet her and that was more important than those things.

  4. Talk and promote until you’re blue in the face: I’m not used to talking about my business because I hate being the conversation starter. Attending the event and having so many people question “the why” behind everything reminded me to speak more about my business and prepare myself for those questions.

  5. Don’t give up: it can be frustrating when you put in the work and don’t see the results right away. That’s life. Keep moving, keep creating content. Prepare yourself so when the opportunity presents itself you ease into it without a problem.