Be wary of habitual life victims

An intro on how to take the World off your shoulders 

There's always a "I can't catch a break", "the World is against me", "you wouldn't understand my childhood", "must be nice to have good luck" individual that will latch their asses on like a leech to a giver, a healer, a lover by nature. 

Be wary...

They are not worth your energy. They are not going to change off the strength that your busting your ass to show them that they are loved, appreciated, and needed. 

They are your parents who sacrificed all of their dreams just to raise you, your sister who always calls you with her hand out, your cousin who's mom loved them slightly less than your mom loved you, the lover who has been in the streets since way before he was born. These bonds are a part of your everyday life, your existence, what you envision as your reality. Do not mistake your consistent acts of enabling these individuals as helping or strengthening these bonds. You are doing yourself a disservice and making them comfortable with having their cross carried. 

But I don't have good luck like you do.

The nerve. The nerve of them to victimize their life and than dismiss your hard work, your sacrifice, your sleepless nights, as good luck. What is worst, is that when you are told enough times that everything you have is from good luck and blessings you start to believe it yourself. You start to think it is ONLY by the grace of God, ONLY by good karma that your life is leveling out. You start to discredit yourself. Yes,God is a vital part in your success but you are the driver that receives, multiples, and decides how to maneuver the opportunities that have been presented to you. Not everyone that receives a blessing handles it correctly, you did. YOU chose to not let your past define you. YOU chose to open your heart and receive the love and light God was offering you. YOU chose to stay home and save money for your dreams. YOU chose to get uncomfortable currently so that you could be comfortable in the future. & the same way YOU are making these choices, they can too. The same way YOU are putting your priorities first, they can too. The same way YOU are reclaiming your time, purpose, and life, they can too. 

Oh, the victim is saying you changed? Remind them that they can too!

- Sincerely,

a Wombman who is no longer carrying another person's cross.