A poem from a mother to her son: Ty's poem by Tanquilla

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Here's a thought. I want to start including other mother's thoughts....

Thoughts of a Beaut is for all mothers and it is with pleasure I introduce this mother, Tanquilla. We will read her thoughts via poetry. Understand that poetry is but a gateway to the soul of a person.... the mind is releasing it's most inner confessions. In poetry we cry, we sing, and sometimes, like this time, we praise. Praise the mother we've become and the person our child will become. Tanquilla above all else is a mother, a mother in tune with the turns, joys, sorrows, and love of her child. It is with that love and that understanding that she wrote this poem. So let's take a moment to reflect and appreciate the beauty of motherhood, the love of it all and the respect as mothers we have when we see other mother's giving it their all. Love, kindness, and positive vibes go to Tanquilla. Tanquilla the mother who wrote this poem. The mother who listens, observes, and creates artwork when it comes to her child. 

Ty's Poem

 He doesn't remember to brush teeth and to comb his hair most mornings

I'm forced to rewind my speech about how I should take away his distractions

All teary eyed and defeated


Still tells me he loves me

I'm a pop tart

& glass of chocolate milk from being on his bad side

But luckily

I'm able to gain brownie points if I can discuss beyblades, dragon ballz and nartuo episodes

He was born in 09 but I swear his interest are the kind of a kid from the 90s

I defend him when he musters up the courage to tell his father and uncles he doesn't want to play football anymore

B/c I've seen the sparkle in his eyes when I lay a new Lego building challenge on the floor

He's more of a comic con kid

With a Star Wars interest 

I'm a sandtrooper turned good girl for him 

And he marvels the ground I walk upon

He doesn't see flaws

He just calls me mommy

And reminds me for the 1000th time 

That he's not ready for me to get married

Any new guy is subjected to a special set of questions that he has carefully picked 

Like "Guess what"

And if you say "what?"

Your automatically casted as a chicken butt

And that's it

When he was 2 

His favorite words were "I got it"

I think he gets that from me

I'm constantly telling him to let mommy handle the worries

And he always wants me to do the same

He just asks that I make him pancakes with no syrup in the mornings so that he is prepared to face the day

All teary eyed and almost defeated 

He still tells me he loves me

Says I'm the best mommy in the world as if he has had a couple in a past lifetime

He's not just my sun 

He is God extending me a lifeline

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