WWE Smackdown Holiday Tour review

WWE Smackdown Holiday Tour review

WWE reminds me of childhood memories, sneaking up at night to watch and mimic wrestling moves with my siblings. Finally seeing a performance live was definitely a nostalgic feeling for me. WWE made a pit stop in the Tampa Bay area during their Holiday tour and I took my son to finally watch the performance in action. As an adult I now see that the performance acts were staged and the winner was probably determined prior to the match even beginning. However, that did not take the thrill away of watching each contestant in action. 

My son was completely mesmerized and believed everything that was happening. He screamed when his chosen fighter lost and was calling foul play when AJ Stylez was ambushed by The Singh brothers. So from a kid's perspective, the show was entirely real. The energy of the crowd went down and up with the fighters coming out. I loved watching their entrance and exits as each performer put a spin on each one. As a mother, I felt pretty accomplished watching the excitement on my son's face. I would definitely recommend going to a WWE performance again, even if as parents we do not believe in the theatrics it was still entertaining to watch. Also, my son and nephew (4 years old) had a ball watching it!


SMACK DOWN Women's Champion: Charlotte



She won title as my favorite due to her performance and DIVA filled entrance (Naomi & Becky Lynch vs. Tamina, Carmella & Lana

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