Universal Studios of Orlando Quick Review

Universal Studios of Orlando Quick Review

If you checked out my previous blog about Islands of Adventure, you'll know the 411 on where I stood, how I got my tickets, etc. etc. Universal Studios is right next to Islands of Adventure and is more of a scenic park in comparison to its counterpart. There were several rides we got on but by far there were more rides at Islands of Adventure. 

My son is in his Transformers phase so needless to say he loved Universal Studios. While we were there a live parade with the Secret Life of Pets, Dora, Spongebob, etc. ensued... it was cute and more of a pop up event. Universal Studio also had more characters out in about such as Curious George, the old guy from Back to the Future, Woody the Woodpecker, Optimus Prime, etc. Every section of Universal is also designed like a major city in the United States such as Hollywood, New York, etc. If your more into the scenic route, meet and greets, and kid friendly rides I would definitely go with Universal Studios. Ok, so.... ride review:

Image taken by Kjersti Holmang

Image taken by Kjersti Holmang

Transformers the Ride 3D: For reasons stated earlier, my son's favorite ride and mines as well if I am being frank. We went thru a simulation similar to the Amazing Spiderman ride. It was right in the middle of a battle between Optimus and the decepticons. 

Shrek 4-D: So you enter into a room first where your given an intro into the theme of the ride. The Prince is dead, his spirit is after Fiona, etc. (I won't ruin the ride). Than you get into a movie theater and watch the story unfold with splashed of water, fairy dust, and moving chairs. 

Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem: Same as Shrek 3D in regards to going into a room and hearing the story behind the ride (looking for humans to turn into minions). I loved this ride, it was action packed as we flipped and zipped thru the lab to try and not "die" whilst becoming minions.

Universal Studios of Orlando Quick Review

The Simpsons Ride: This ride was pretty good as well, we went into rooms of 6 max capacity and got into a fake roller coaster seat. Psycho Bob is after the Simpson's again and we must flee from him while on the ride created by Krusty the clown... for us older folks it definitely brought childhood memories of the Simpson's back.

E.T. Adventure: This ride was pretty boring, I guess if you need to rest or say you tried every ride... than ride this one too. You go through a dark room, hop on a bike that you can't peddle, and take a journey from Earth to E.T.'s home to save his planet. 

Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster: This was a quick roller coaster ride for children and it was quite enjoyable. It zipped, turned, and went down but not to an extent to strike fear in a kid.

Men in Black: Alien Attack: So while I would love to say I experienced this ride in full, I DIDN'T (inserts sad face). Midway thru the ride, technical difficulties occurred. From what I experienced you go thru New York that is over run by aliens. The ride wiz's you on a street car and you have to shoot as many aliens as you can. 

Revenge of the Mummy: I loved this ride, it was frightening, dark, suspenseful, and definitely NOT for a kid with a faint heart. I presumed so and took the ride without my son. There were turns, fire, mummies, and a huge drop that made my heart hurt.  

***Hollywood Rip Ride Rockets is also at Universal but it was closed down when I visited (shrugs shoulders, maybe next time)

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