The Life of Pablo Tour: Kanye West concert review

The Life of Pablo Tour: Kanye West concert review

The Life of Pablo Tour: Kanye West concert review

Only the best concert of my life! Now granted it did take him two hours from anticipated time to start.... but it was well worth the rate and the best $68 I ever spent. 

To prepare for the tour I went to Rue21 and purchased a "Chief's" rock band shirt and got some gold safety pins and white shoelace from Joanne fabric store. Using a pair of scissors, a shaver, and some bleach I created the typical Kanye West distressed style. I paired it with some tights I found on sale at Rue21 as well. In total:

Shirt: $15, tights: $3, safety pins and shoelace: $10 = outfit under $30. Totally worth the gazillion compliments I received throughout the night. I felt like KANYE.

I happened to be at the Tampa leg of the tour where he went on a rant about Kid Cudi betraying him and breaking his heart. This is after Kid Cudi went on social media criticizing him and taking a jab at his lyricist skills. 

Either way, the rant sounded sincerely genuine and the energy during the entire concert was undeniably raw. I never was a huge fan of Kanye and went more so because my best friend dragged me. However, leaving the concert I can definitely say he is a creative genius. The concert just like his Life of Pablo album flowed seamlessly. Remember those $68 seats? Well.... they were wheelchair accessible so let's just say I took off my shoes and let the music flow within me.... with plenty of space. 

Takeaway: Being a mom doesn't mean your life gets sucked away.... you can still be young & wild & FREE. You can also look damn good on a budget, I may not be able to afford

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