The I Decided tour: Big Sean concert review

The I Decided tour: Big Sean concert review


Big Sean is electrifying to say the least. Although it took about an hour and a half for him to actually appear he gave quite the performance. His energy was intoxicating and he showed genuine appreciation to his fans. MadeInTYO was his opening performer and he was the perfect fit to get the crowd prepped. Their collaboration was well executed and I found myself signing to every song that was played. So in regards to Big Sean as a performer.... A + he put thought, effort, and commitment into the songs he chose and the energy he brought.

Will I go to another concert such as this? Let's just say it's not on the top of my DO OVER list. Why? Well the venue to be frank... his concert was not big enough for an arena and thus we had to stand... in a mosh pit fashion next to a bunch of sweaty people. This concert definitely highlighted for me that at 25 years old I was TOOO old to keep up with the jumping, sweat flinging, shoving, theatrics of a mosh pit. I need a chair and my own assigned space. This is not up for debate. I will redo a Big Sean performance, however I will cough up the extra bucks for some seclusion. 

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