The first time I ever travelled alone: Philly visit

The first time I ever travelled alone: Philly visit

Hey loves,

So I went to Philly over the weekend and I must say it was a wonderful experience. The purpose of the trip was to meet Sprinkle of Jesus founder, Dana Chanel. Success. I also got the chance to interview the creator of FrugalPhillyMom, Linda. I had anxiety about this trip because I've always had a fear of being alone. What better way of getting over it than booking a flight to another city where everyone is a stranger?  

So there I went, nervous as ever but I knew I couldn't always live at the whim of others... so I threw myself into this trip. Let me say, I am sooooo glad I went for it! The city was beautiful && I came to realize that being alone wasn't all that bad. I met a great group of people, a phenomenal lady, and I was HAPPY. This was a major discovery for me, realizing that I could make myself happy. I've always centered my happiness around those I love.... turns out I found my happiness within my own peace of mind.

So let me give you the money figures: 

Philly has so much culture and arts to offer there was no way I was going to capture everything in two days. So I hoped on a tourist bus which cost $30 & got a tour of all the historic spots in the city for about two hours. I took Uber pool to get everywhere and spent about $70 getting two and from places ( I stood in University City, close to all the tourist spots). My AirBNB was about $100 from Friday to Sunday, I opted for a room versus an entire place. My flight to Philly was $40. I made the mistake of thinking the longer you wait the better deals on flights for my return flight.... lies.... now it's recommended to book both or round trip 7 weeks in advance if possible. So my return flight was $175, both were booked via Skyscanner

Fun facts: I left my purse in the first Uber that picked me up, forgot my charger at the Sprinkle of Jesus headquarters, shattered one of my camera memory cards, locked myself out my room with the key inside and the owners gone, broke my tripod while trying to record my second interview, has a bum stalk me for about 2 blocks on Reading Terminal market &&&&& missed my first flight back home so I had to cry my way into the following flight for free.... phew that was a mess. BUT I took everything by stride and didn't let it ruin my trip. 

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