The Be Encouraged Tour: Chance the Rapper concert review

The Be Encouraged Tour: Chance the Rapper concert review

So, I will be honest I never really listened to Chance's music before but let me tell you... that totally changed from the day of his concert and moving forward. 

This concert was EPIC, the performance was simply, clean, and well executed. A top contender for the St. Pablo Tour... & that's saying a lot being that I new just about every one of Kanye's songs and none of Chance's. 

Positive Energy

I mean this man literally ran on to the stage upbeat, full of energy, and good vibes. I took a ton of photos... I just didn't feel like uploading them all I will be honest. His opening act was his brother Taylor Bennett and DJ Oreo started the concert for about 2 hours even throughout the delay. SIDE NOTE: He is an awesome and very talented DJ, he effortlessly mixed oldies, 90's, pop, R&B, reggaeton, etc. He was set to perform at 9:15PM but didn't get on stage until about 10PM, so from 8PM to 10PM basically DJ Oreo was having his mini concert. Some guy with an afro came out and helped him pop a bottle of champagne which he happened to sprinkle over me... perks of being upfront (shrugs shoulders). The concert was sold out but I will say there was a munch younger crowd for this performance than say Kanye Wests. His fans truly love him because they new every single word to the songs he played. 

The performance 

Chance paid a mini tribute to Kanye West, singing snippets of the songs he assisted in and consistently gave praises to God throughout the entire performance. He even had a moment in which his back up singers took the stage and sang a worship song, their voices were also amazing. The performance was full of bright colors in the background, smoke, "fireworks", streamers, and snow like mist. He performed a snippet of a new song he plans on releasing featuring Future and encouraged the fans to stay positive, blessed, and encouraged. While he was performing his parts to "Im the one" by DJ Khaled the video was playing on the screen behind him. In the end there was a huge walk thru that went above the crowd and was outlined with purple lights, he sang as he walked over the crowd and ended the performance. Unfortunately, I took these photos with my iPhone so they did not come out great. 

Some of the songs performed 

  1. Heaven
  2. Same Drugs
  3. No Problem
  4. I'm The One
  5. All Night
  6. Finish Line
  7. I'm Good
  8. My Peak

To top it off Chance also hired and paid for those who are hearing impaired to enjoy his concert as well. They got to enjoy his concert front and center, just goes to show how big of a heart this guy has. Something else cute... when his brother was performing on stage he was at the side recording him. It just goes to show what a driving force the love of family is. I was only allowed to have my camera for the first three songs he performed so enjoy the below:

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