Dali Museum: Pass or Fail & why it is not kid approved

Dali Museum: Pass or Fail & why it is not kid approved

A review of the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

Hey mom! Let me start this off by saying that Salvador Dali was one of the most influential surrealist of our time. His art was a masterpiece of both the genius and the crazed. His artwork was a combination of multiple artworks within themselves. He exemplified the fact that a picture is worth 1,000 words and pushed into the realms of when fantasy became reality. With that being said.... 

Salvador Dali was as complex as he was genius and let's be frank some of his artwork is chalk full of penises, breast, disfigured people, vagina, and death. Now, I see nothing heinous with the use of nudity and private parts. However, one can imagine why you wouldn't want a younger child seeing things you are not prepared to discuss. The museum does have a children's section in which you can find moderate replicas of Dali's artwork and children are encouraged to create their own. So only if you plan on staying in that section the whole time would I recommend it. 

The museum has an open store as soon as you walk in, a cafe, and a center where you can either get on board for a tour of the museum or borrow headphones & an ipod to complete the tour yourself. I do not recommend visiting the museum without opting into using one of the tours. I personally don't care for crowds so I grabbed some headphones and listened to the prerecorded tour. It was very useful and informative on the methods to Dali's "madness". There is a kid-friendly version of the tour prerecorded as well... again ONLY if your okay with showing your child some of the vivid paintings. It took about 3 hours to cover the tour of Dali's artwork and there was an entire section of pictures of Dali and his wife. I have a love for art and creativity so I was very impressed and intrigued with his work. I would definitely recommend this as a date or a place to go with friends. Before you go make sure you know which other artist is having an exhibit during the time your planning. Unfortunately, I did not and as such the other half of the museum (which is dedicated to different artist throughout the year) was a total bust. I cannot even remember the name of the sculptor "artist" only that his artwork was boring, unimaginative, and dull. I paid about 17$ to get in as a student and its about 24$ to get in as an adult. CLICK HERE for hours of operation, pricing during the week, and to see which exhibit is currently on display with Dali's. 

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