Carnival Bahamas Cruise: A review on traveling with my son

Carnival Bahamas Cruise: A review on traveling with my son

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A four day Carnival Liberty cruise line experience to Nassau, Bahamas with my child 

Here's to the first of many magical moments that I will never experience again. 

There's only one first time, to do something for the first time. Especially with a child.

This was our first time, our first adventure, & worth every penny. Every stinking adult priced penny. 

Memories... however fleeting will be carried in the hear of a child until infinity and beyond. This cruise experience was phenomenal to say the least. This was not my first rodeo on a cruise but it was the first time I took my son on a cruise and the first time he went out of the country. Let me just say this, my son is a Capricorn. What does that mean? He is practically emotionless. I mean I took this kid to see transformers in real life at Universal and didn't get the reactions I got out of this. From the moment we got on the boat he was enjoying himself. When you think of the party cruise line, i.e. the Carnival, the last thing you think of is kid friendly. Oh but it is, although the pricing for him was the same as an adult.


I got my tickets via Ebates which directed me to Price Line where I signed up for the 10 percent back on a cruise promotion. My total for a cabin for us was about $800 and I anticipate receiving a $90 rebates via Ebates in the next few months. Now this DID NOT include gratuity so be ware you will be charged $40 a person (this includes your kid) in gratuity at the end of this adventure. This sticker shocked me as well when I received my final bill. If you want unlimited juice and soda you can purchase a drink package for about $14 each that will last you the entire trip. Now. You won't die without a drink package. You still get water, lemonade, etc. for free during eating hours. 

mom blog motherhood savvy mom working mother bahamas cruise carnival

Itinerary: Bahamas

Anyways... the first day we spent at the pools, going down the water slides, and dancing to the live band on the 3rd floor on the ship. The following day we arrived at the Bahamas and purchased the Nassau Adventure excursion for about $90 on the ship. This excursion was sooooo much fun and definitely created for families. We were taken to Fort Charlotte on the island and participated in a scavenger hunt to learn the history of the fort. Afterwards, several field games and competition ensued that included coconut throwing, treasure chest diving, and sponges. To wrap up the tour we sampled authentic Bahamian foods and got a verbal history lesson of the islands culture. After the excursion we made our way to the Chocolate factory and for $10 received a 10-15 minute behind the scenes tour of the factory, the process of chocolate making, and cocoa. We got to sample all the chocolate flavors and got a free piece of chocolate for the road. It was a great experience that the kids enjoyed, we than walked to the beach and let them splash in the water for a little. 

Itinerary: Camp Ocean, Dr. Seuss, and other festivities 

Once we got back on the boat there were other little activities for the kids to take part in during the day out at sea. The cruise line has a program for kids that is free from 10 AM to 10 PM called Camp Ocean. My son loved this camp! They were able to interact with other kids on the boat, were separated by age range, participated in games, and had access to interactive electronics. The camp stood upon until 1 AM for a per hour service fee. There was also a Dr. Seuss breakfast held at 8 AM for a $5 per person fee in which the kids were able to order "green eggs and ham, Dr. Seuss pancakes, etc. and meet Thing 1, Thing 2, and the Cat in the Hat characters. Although my son preferred to hang out in the jacuzzi there was also a Dr. Seuss parade and story time for children. Each night there was movie night on the top deck with kid friendly releases and they even had a Build-A-Bear workshop for the children available. (Yes, you had to purchase the bear, clothes, etc.). 


The trip was well worth it. The food was good, the staff was warm and inviting, the atmosphere was friendly and vibrant, and my son was extremely satisfied. He kept thanking me for the experience, reliving the moments in the Bahamas, and he couldn't wait to tell everyone of his adventure. This was so necessary for him, traveling made him aware of the world that is out there. It made him cultural accepting and showed him that even as a child he could explore. I would definitely recommend and encourage mothers to travel with their child.... even if its to another city, let them explore beyond their world. 

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