Top 4 ways for women to celebrate and love on themselves

Top 4 ways for women to celebrate and love on themselves

Hey beautiful! 

Listen... why is it so easy for us to celebrate everyone but ourselves?! Why cannot we ever stop to smell our own roses? I guess it's the nurturer in us... but STILL we need to pause sometimes and just be. Now if you've ever Googled advice on how to do this ***cough, cough, I am sure the first thing that came up was meditation. 

If you're like me... you meditate for 5 minutes and then you're thinking about dinner, a bill, etc. Music has truly helped me reach a state where I can completely stop thinking. A part of celebrating yourself, is taking a moment to pause. To take in what you've done. To just BE. Here's my favorite playlists that I pour a cup of wine, light my candles, and sit in the bath tub to listen to: 

  • "Self-Care Package" by Londrelle. 
  • "Richtual" by Maat Patrova. *** disclaimer she does talk you thru sensual magic in two of the songs... so if that's not your thing, skip them but don't miss the message on the rest! 
  • "Chakra Sound Healing Meditation" playlist
  • "Sacred Woman" by Queen Afua. This book does go into creating altars, etc. things that I don't necessarily believe in. However, I respect ALL persons beliefs... so take what you need from it and apply. In this book she goes into detail about womb healing, morning routines, healthy diets with recipes, and soooo much more that help you celebrate you, your body, and your mind everyday!


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