Tips on learning how to love yourself and understand your value

Tips on learning how to love yourself and understand your value

1. smart

2. kind

3. good

4. awesome

5. ready to do anything that you believe in 

Am I a good mom? Yes. Do you feel loved? Yes. Do you ever feel alone? No, I have you. Are you proud of me? Yes. Why? Because you're the best mom a son can ever have. Do you trust me? Yes. Who's your best friend? You. What do you want to be when you grow up? An artist. Do you think I would support you? Yes. Why? Because you know I will always support you. 

Those are all Giovani's words. 5 words to describe me and questions that I asked him of his perception of me and our relationship. It made me feel a whole lot better. It made me feel worthy. I am going to keep reading this post anytime that I feel less than. My son thinks I'm awesome, so there must be some truth to that. This was a test. A test to myself, of myself, from an extension of myself. I passed, I feel whole and loved. 

Ask your children how they view you. Ask your children questions that relate to how you determine your value. Post those responses somewhere on your wall, save it to your phone. Use it to remind yourself of your purpose of your existence.... of how the World views you. Self-reflection is healing. I cannot think of a more open and honest person that will help you reflect than the person you birthed. 

- Sincerely, 

a Wombman that is a damn good mother. 

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