Phew chile... I got FIRED again but I don't care and here is why

Phew chile... I got FIRED again but I don't care and here is why

Transparency. The teaching profession is cut throat. We are underpaid, overworked, and undervalued. It’s not okay but we wake up everyday and do it anyways.... b/c we care. I started my teaching career at a charter school. I wanted to work there because it was black owned. This year I made the decision to work at an achievement school (low performing school) b/c I wanted to reach the children who grew up like me. The ones who were a hair above or below the poverty income guidelines. Needless to say the achievement school I applied for hired me on the spot when I interviewed. No sooner was I doing my happy dance and gratitude for the new opportunity that the test came. The charter school saw my name as a new hire for next year on the public schools district meeting notes. They let me go. No warning, no opportunity to leave with a resignation. They waited until I cleaned my classroom, did inventory, and grades than let me go. As unethical as it is for an employer who serves as a public servant for the community to do such a thing.... they did. & I wasn’t the only one. Just like that I went from employed to unemployed.

As much as I wanted to be sad, I couldn’t. I didn’t have revenge or bitterness in my spirit because this year has taught me that what is mines is mines. It has taught me that God will forever provide. In the time since I was let go, Beaut&Beast has flourished. I’ve had wholesale orders, sold out products, sold out at events, and my first week of making over 1k+ in sales without having to pay for promo. I’ve had people bless me personally out of nowhere for no reason. I’ve had opportunities come to me without me looking for them. I want to thank each and everyone of you who have supported me. Who have purchased and made this mother face unemployment with her head held high. Your support during this time is keeping my household afloat. Most importantly it’s keeping my dreams alive. I will be in the same community I came from teaching entrepreneurship, self love, and culture.

Have you ever been fired? Did you have a side hustle to help balance things out? What's the back up plan if the checks stop? Comment below! 

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Like you said, “what’s mine is mine” and God has your back 100%! We may not know ALL the plans but know that it is ALWAYS working and coming together FOR you.

And you know we love to see it ❤️


Look at GOD showing out!! He never closes one door without opening another. Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt and personal story. I pray GOD continues to bless your business and inspires a multitude of young people to not only survive but flourish in these crazy times. Good luck!!!

Francis Washington

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