How to apply for a financial grant for women bosses in design, fashion, music, and the arts

How to apply for a financial grant for women bosses in design, fashion, music, and the arts

Are you a mom with a passion in fashion? Design? Music? Art? There's a grant available for you via the Girlboss Foundation 

Creator of NastyGal, Sophia Amoruso, remembers what it was like to start a business out of nothing. As such, in addition to laying the foundation for the multi-million dollar NastyGal empire she has created a women's empowerment platform called GirlBoss. Thru this foundation Sophia chats and promotes women who are business owners and making a statement in the fashion, music, design, and art industries

For those who are aspiring to be apart of the industry but don't have the funds... she has created a two in a year opportunity via the GirlBoss Foundation. Who can apply? Any individual (i.e. not a company) that is pursing a career in fashion, arts, design, or music. All you need to do is meet the minimum requirements and apply during the announced window (you can basically apply whenever, if you missed the window your application will automatically be submitted into the next one). 

What are the requirements? In short, you must be 18 yrs. old, a woman, have a business idea or project that encompasses fashion and/or the arts, have a 12 month "business plan" that explains how you intend to use the funds.

What do you get and how? If you are selected you will receive an email with more deets... the grand prize is $15,000 that you will use for your mentioned project within a 12 month period. You will also get exposure and promotion via NastyGal and GirlBoss networks.

Check out the Q&A for #BlackGirlMagik recipient winners of the 2018 Girlboss Foundation Scholarship below:  


So what are you waiting for Beaut, if this is you.... GO AND APPLY, like now!

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