How this FAMU rattler plans on representing for the .3% of black female architects

How this FAMU rattler plans on representing for the .3% of black female architects

A STEM career field that puts you in control of where people live, eat, and work

Hey loves! So I was minding my business on IG (literally I am on @beautandbeastllc more than my real one) and I came across an IG account of a black woman that was an aspiring architect. She stood out to me because I couldn’t recall ever seeing a black woman that was an architect. So I reached out and wallah… meet Morgan Dyson. A third year architecture scholar at Florida A&M University from Woodbridge, Virginia. Read her interview with us below where she chatted about architecture and why representation matters:

What inspired you to purse architecture? I chose to study architecture because I’ve always admired buildings and I have a strong passion for design. Becoming an architect would be a contribution to something that is way bigger than me, I’d be working on something that will last years beyond me. I will have the opportunity to control and design where people live, eat, work, worship, and etc. and being apart of that alone is a beautiful experience. 

With the small margin of black female architects, why do you think representation is so important? There are currently 0.3% of Black licensed female architects, so with this knowledge it is imperative for me to become apart of that percentage. Representation is everything; especially in this day and age. I will go above and beyond to represent Black girls because it is an important aspect that we all need to see. Everyone should be valued in their own way, no matter who they are.

What does being a renaissance woman mean to you? A renaissance woman means a woman with many talents or areas of knowledge. Architecture is an extremely time consuming and technical major, but I have grown to love every part of it. Embracing, loving, and expanding on one of my talents, makes me a renaissance woman.

What is @mothearchitect? @mothearchitect is a platform on instagram I created to showcase different architecture styles. You can see follow it to see architecture from my point of view.

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