Free Business Consultants and Low Cost Specialized Training

Free Business Consultants and Low Cost Specialized Training

The Small Business Development Center: helping small business grow

sbdc sba small business development center

Because I really want you guys to be successful, I have another business secret for you. the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). So.... Last week I told you guys about and the perks of having your own business mentor. Well, another great resource is a business consultant right? Well, you can get one for free as well!

What's the difference? My mentor tells me if my ideas or viable, resources to look into and identify my target market, suggested ways to start a business. My consultant has reviewed my business plan, suggested how to reach out to my target market, how to create a better product or service, etc. So... the mentor will guide you on how to begin and the consultant will guide you on the execution. To get a consultant you have to fill out some information about your company (click HERE). Than you'll click on the form to request a consultant by selecting your local office (click HERE). If your in Tampa the link is HERE.

Afterwards, someone will either email or call you to set up an appointment and off you go! It's FREE so you have nothing to lose. You don't have to see a consultant to take advantage of the training offered either. Some of the courses offered are online marketing, financing your business, international trade, getting veteran, women, and minority-owned certifications, working as a government contractor, etc. To see which training is available you will go to your local office's website. For those of you in Tampa, click HERE.

Beaut advice: There is no such thing as your success being hindered by helping the next. The goal is for all of us to win! 


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