Black girl magic in real life: How this single Mom became an astrologer

Black girl magic in real life: How this single Mom became an astrologer

An understanding that planets, readings, time, and nature does not mean it is the work of the devil


A part of growing is having an open mind and understanding that you simply do not know it all. So, if you do not know it all, 9 x 10 your parents, their parents, and their parents before them also did not and do not know it all. It means that in the same way that you fear the unknown they did too. What helps you grow versus being limited in your understanding is researching and taking the time to understand the unknown versus automatically being opposed to it. Growing up I was taught that using signs from the Universe and divination overall were the "devil", "witchcraft", "a calling of Evil spirits". However, as a mother I am naturally inclined to become curious of what is shunned as a lot of my actions made in the light and dark (i.e. having a child as a child out of wedlock) have been shunned. This natural curiosity to understand a field that my own son may one day have questions about led me to interact with an astrologer. Mecca is a single mother, entrepreneur, upcoming author, and full time astrologer. Her online platform,, offers astrological readings, consultations, birth chart readings, and more. Check out her interview below where we discussed astrology, the stigmas associated with it, and most importantly motherhood: 

  1. What was your journey like in becoming an astrologer? It was something that came to me around the time I felt like I was at a cross roads in my career and love life. I was not happy with either; I picked up an astrology book about love and ended up getting a reading from that author. Once I got my reading, I felt that my life and journey made more sense. This sparked my interest and I started reaching out to different mentors within the field.

  2. What does the typical work life of an astrologer consist of? I do a lot of freelance writing gigs such as astrology based articles and horoscopes. I also complete one on one readings and host events. I have a book coming out in October as well that will be available on all major platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, etc.

  3. Were you hesitant to get into the field? I was afraid to depend on astrology as a full time income because I did not know how financially stable it would be. I was also afraid that I would not be good at it. As a single mom that was important to me because I was also my daughter’s financial security. However, I became so unhappy at my job; I just decided to take the leap without a safety net. I took on a mentor, took courses in astrology and here I am 6 years later.

  4. Is being an astrologer a feasible career path for the single mom? Yes! I like the autonomy of it. I have the kind of personality where I need a certain amount of freedom in the work I do and I need to believe in what I am doing. I had jobs in the past where I was not fulfilling my passion and it drained my energy. I always had a desire to help others and improve the World; astrology gives me that outlet to make positive changes in other people’s lives. Working from home also allows me to be present in my daughter’s life. I always felt guilty working a 9-5, finding daycare and after school for my daughter, and not always being available. As an astrologist, I am now able to help tremendously in her development and help her as she figures out who she is. However, my advice is if you are looking to get into the field, make sure you feel called to it. It may take awhile before you can get clients and make enough money to support yourself. You may need to have another income as a supplement when you're just starting out.

  5. Is a spiritual connection necessary as an astrologer? I think so; I think that astrology in general is a tool that can help break the gap between being human and what our place is on the planet. Having a spiritual connection or something that resonates can be helpful because it gives you a sense of who you are and what you are here to do.

  6. What are your views on the stigmas associating astrology with witchcraft or evil? I understand it because I recognize that many of the people who do not believe in astrology do not understand it. They have been taught to automatically shun or fear it. I usually try to open a healthy dialogue with people where I explain astrology (I compare it to planning with a calendar). It is not something you have to believe in but rather a tool used to help you gain insight in who you are and where you are going.

  7. What are your views on people not putting action behind what can happen or what is recommended from their horoscopes? I usually tell people that you have to be a willing participant in any form of divination (tarot, astrology, etc.) for it to work. You have to put action behind whatever is going on or it will not happen. This is not fortune telling that is set in stone. Astrology can tell you how to respond to a challenge and/or take advantage of an opportunity. However, it is up to you to act upon it.

  8. Do you believe that a person’s zodiac sign can determine their compatibility and love interest? Yes and no. When you start talking about astrology there are many factors and layers that center around compatibility. There is validity to it but a person’s zodiac sign is only the first layer. When you get a person’s birth chart than you can start looking in depth to how two people will connect and relate to each other. For example, you may have a couple that their zodiac sign is saying will not work but their birth charts may indicate that they can.

  9. What do tarot readings consist of? Are tarot readings a calling of evil spirits? Tarot readings are another form of divination. When a series of cards are pulled, they are speaking to what is going on in someone’s life currently. The elements air, fire, Earth, and water are similar to astrology. It does require the person’s participation for the reading to be clear. You also need to ask questions that require action, i.e. what can I do to improve my chances of falling in love vs. am I going to fall in love?

  10. What is a natal or birth chart? What can someone learn from his or her natal chart? A natal chart is a snapshot of where the stars and planets aligned at the exact time you were born. Not just the month/date/year we look at the city, country, and the exact minute and hour. What that tells us is all kinds of things about a person such as their gifts, challenges they may face, where they can develop themselves, their love preferences and styles, family dynamics, and career aspirations. They can uncover things about their past, relationships, money, opportunities, love, etc. When someone comes to me for a chart, I talk to him or her about their entire chart and I record the conversation for them to reflect on. (If you are interested in having Mecca read your birth chart CLICK HERE).

  11. How do you incorporate astrology into motherhood? My daughter is definitely aware of what I do. I have read her chart with her and I have been careful to not force my beliefs on her. I want her to come to her own conclusions of what she identifies with. Reading her birth chart was crucial in helping me understand her personality, how to build a relationship with her, etc. Family tends to be the biggest denominator in pushing our buttons. It is important to understand the dynamics of yourself and your child so that you know how to deal with their emotions. For example, my daughter is an Aries but she has a lot of Taurus in her chart so she is very stubborn. Understanding this helps me learn how to deal with her and avoid arguments that may happen from miscommunication.

  12. How can someone start to learn about astrology or educate himself or herself? I would recommend that you first getting your birth chart read. Find an astrologer that resonates with you. Once you have had a reading take a few courses from astrologers. There are several associations out there such as ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research) that offer workshops, conferences, etc. Find someone who you can study under and just keep educating yourseld.

For more information or to follow Mecca on her journey check out her website(CLICK HERE) and social media handles (CLICK HERE). 

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