The only thing that's waiting for you at the same place is wasted time

The only thing that's waiting for you at the same place is wasted time

I got fired. 

I've said that to my family more times than once. It was an unplanned, unwanted change that always left me scared, made me feel inferior, and embarrassed. Embarrassed that this job did not deem me, "good enough". The first time I got fired, I fell into a depression. I felt sorry for myself and spent weeks dragging my feet before I had the courage to try again for another job. That was the first year my son didn't have a Christmas or a birthday. I was too busy crying that I just let life pass me by.

The second time I got fired, I cried. For a few days I felt sorry for myself. I was in the process of getting a house and being fired a month before signing could've crushed my spirits. Then I realized that this was an opportunity for me to try something different. I was also determined not to let someone else's decision stop me from accomplishing my dreams. So I applied for over 50 jobs in a completely different field and guess what? I got a position with no experience. I got my house even thought there was a bit of delay. 

Change is scary, it is uncomfortable. Sometimes it does not make sense and sometimes it will leave you alone. Yet, the question is... what awaits for you at the same place, at the same time, doing the same thing, everyday? Allow change to be subtle. Allow it to come from nowhere. Allow it to force you to grow from comfortable to greatness. Are you scared? You should be and that is okay. Does it need to be drastic? No it does not. Will it happen? Yes, so you can either grab unto it by the rails and take control or allow the change to throw you off the rails. 

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